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Animals (1 file)

Images taken of animals from the wild and captivity, including images of domestic animals and pets, there are also images of birds in this collection
MG 0467 
 Images taken along cornwalls coast, This image is going to be used in other projects i have on the drawing board 
 Keywords: Mark Johnson LDPS, LDPS, DPS, Digital Images, canon, eos350, eos, 350d, pretty, color, colour, Cornwalls coast, coastal, beach, seaside, dusk, evening, sunsets, sun going down, bude, atlantic, ocean, sea, calm, cliffs, scenic, landscape, breathtaking, beauty

Anything else. (1 file)

Still life or just colourful? unusual or funky? strange or artistic? all my other favourites which i feel do not belong in any of my other categories end up here!..... the twilight zone!
Cyclops Pear 
 My second drawing that started as a pear and then evolved 
 Keywords: pear, drawing, creation, photoshop, art, artistic, tablet painting

People, Portraits and Public Events (open collection)

Images in this collection are mainly portraits of people other images include funfairs and carnivals and any coverage of local or public events that draw crowds etc.

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