A Discus fish (tropical)
Here are some of the links i find i am always clicking on, an odd assortment really..... can you tell a lot about a person through there links i wonder....

One of my most visited photographic websites, there are a wide range of talented photographers and some great forums. Image coming soon

National Geographic
Every serious photographer or indeed anyone who loves the art of photography will know why this link is here, its an inspiration to me, the pictures that adorn the publication and site are nothing short of breathtaking. if you have never looked then do so NOW!

All my work is printed at home using Epson printers and inks, so to leave this out would be wrong....

I'm am a subscriber to this magazine which has great members who are really friendly and offer great advice, i also have gallery images on this site and have had an image published in the magazine.

Fish Crazy
A website dedicated to all things fishy including Coldwater, Tropical and Marine, with a whole forum of dedicated experts. This is my other hobby

A vauable service for pets in need of vets when owners are struggling themselves.