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Greetings & Many thanks for viewing my work.

A bit about Mark

Mark has been lucky in that, he has travelled extensively throughout the uk and as a result has covered a wide range of topics, with macro photography being a particular area of expertise, you will find a great many floral/plant kingdom macro photos.

Over the past 21 years Mark has been involved in photography in one form or another starting with a humble kodak instamatic which was not even his! through the years converting to digital and then back to film again for a few more years before going full digital in more recent years, Mark became a 'Professional Photographer' in November 2001, taking images exclusively for a local company who covered events and publicity. During this time Mark also started building up his own business working as a freelance photographer in the wedding & portraits scene for a several years.

More recently Marks years have been spent collecting and proofing photos from various topics and then uploading them onto stock sites, where prospective buyers may purchase them. This site remains as the only one that has all Marks work under one roof so to speak, and in many different formats, all images are available unsharpened and with no editing. Mark uploads new images on a regular basis, so, please add the site to your favourites and check back regularly. Mark earned a Licientship to the Disabled Photographers Society after submitting a panel of six high quality prints, these were judged by the Royal Photographic Society and awarded by them to Mark.

Mark thinks of his status as a 'hobbyist photographer' now, since an injury left me unable to pursue elements of my photographic career any further. The introduction of new technology has enabled me to take my photography further in recent months.

Mark will be returning to full time photography soon, speaking about his future Mark said: " I have lots of fun projects coming up, and some will be challenging. i have recently had some life changing surgery, I under estimated the time frame for recovery afterward and had hoped to be further along by now, but progress is being made and I am starting to increase my photographic work load over the next few months.

**UPDATE** Unfortunately that surgery was not successful and Marks health has deteriorated so it is with great sadness that i have withdrawn completely from the photography fiield this website will now serve purely as a showcase for my library of work with fewer images being uploaded.



Here at Johnson Photographics we hope you take the time to look through some of the work, and we hope it gives as much viewing pleasure as Mark had taking them.


Best Wishes

Mark Johnson LDPS