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© MARK JOHNSON LDPS 2009 - 2013





All images, artwork and digital creations are property of Mark Johnson Ldps and Johnson Photographics.


The following are strictly forbidden and apply to all digital media taken and/or created by the above named photographer or taken by a person or persons working for or representing the above named photographer unless sections 1 and 2 are met.

Copying and/or reproduction of any images/creations

Digital Manipulation


1) A prior arrangement has been made with the photographer, or through purchase from this website, in the case of stock images all licenses are royalty free the photographer must be credited if images are used in publication though.

2) In the case of private and/or commisioned images the copyright remains with the photographer and copyright terms remain in force even  after purchase unless you purchase a royalty free download of the image, this in effect gives you full permissions for the image downloaded, if the image is to be publicised then the photographer must be given full credit.

Wedding images also have extra terms and conditions as outlined in each individual contract.




Johnson Photographics uses the image file to display its website and as a result all printing is sourced out to photobox this helps me keep printing costs low but quality high, it also enables me to offer a wide range of products that would normally be unavailable to my customers, as a result after i have proofed and uploaded your images control then passes to my website and the automated process that will deliver your prints, Please pay careful attention to what you are ordering as refunds/returns cannot be given/accepted.


All images are high resolution and will give excellent results but as with any printing the larger your image gets the more grainy it can appear and more detail starts to be lost, if an image size seems unavailable this generally means it is not suitable either from a ratio or crop point of view.


Both the copyright terms and sales terms and conditions are constantly reviewed and may be altered or changed in part or entirety without notice